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How To Heal Loss And A Broken Heart

Many of us have suffered a broken heart and loss. This self-help book will provide ideas and techniques for peace of mind and personal growth. Plus several dozen Southern Style ‘Comfort Food’ recipes too!

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I realized as I recovered from the last relationship that I was utilizing methods I have learned from previous breakups and amazed how this facilitated my grief recovery. It seemed to resolve immediately.

Eureka! I have actually learned from my past. I hope the things that I have discovered will help you through your grief process with quick results. Whatever the relationship may have been, getting beyond it is the key and I hope the things that have worked for me will work for you.

Grief and pain are individual and there is not any way mine compares to yours. There is no right way or wrong way to go through this book. Some ideas may work, some may not and you may discover other ideas. I just want you to be OK and open to all the positive things in your life.